2010, a new year, and a great time to recommit to our families.  January 3rd is our wedding anniversary, so we are especially conscious to connect as a couple, and to renew our commitment to grow together.  We believe that love is more than a feeling, it's a choice, a decision, and an act.  Our society seems to revere the "in love" experience.  Some people use the "in love" feeling as an excuse, or a way to deny responsibility for decisions:  "I couldn't help myself, I fell in love" or "I fell out of love, so I left".    If you have to fall, fall toward your spouse, fall in love with your family all over again.

We decide who we love, and we choose the relationships we will enter.  Choose your mate again, and shower him or her with love, just like you did during your courtship.  Send love notes, take each other out on dates, kiss for hours, have fun with each other.  Happy New Year!