Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager?  I remember criticism for dress, facial expressions, music choices,
friend selection, chores, just everything!  Babies and toddlers receive so much positive affirmation, affection, and encouragement, but if often dwindles away by the time the child is a teenager.  Remember when your toddler was learning to walk?  You probably encouraged them even when they fell down.  Try to do that when your teen makes a mistake.  Teach them to repair the  mistake, encourage them for trying, and let them know you have confidence in them and that you're there to guide them.

According to Gary Chapman:
It is essential that our teenagers feel loved by parents.  I remember Ashley who at 13 years of age was being treated for a sexually transmitted disease.  She said, "I thought my father left because he didn't love me.  When my mother remarried, I felt she had someone to love her, but I still had no one to love me.  I met this boy at school.  He was older than me, but he liked me.  I couldn't believe it.  He was kind to me, and I really felt loved by him.  I didn't want to have sex, but I wanted to be loved."  

Do you know your teens love language?  Gary Chapman wrote the book: The Five Love Languages of Teenagers to help parents love teens effectively.  Does your teen feel loved?