Education is NOT therapy. It does not involve a diagnosis or "treatment". It is EDUCATION.

- Teaching is most effective in classroom settings – parents learn the skills better in a group setting than in the more expensive, labor-intensive, one-trainer/counselor-to-one-parent model.

- Skills work with parents and guardians in every type of household, and with children of all ages.

- Education normalizes conflict and disagreements as part of every family and as part of every loving relationship.

- Parenting classes include instruction in basic communication skills: speaker-listener, handling feelings, conflict-management, problem solving, empathy-building, consequences, limits, etc.

- Parents feel supported when surrounded by other parents, and parents teach and learn from each other in the classroom setting.

- Parents learn skills during the class session, then go home and practice the skills.

In the near future our society may come to accept that the most beneficial thing parents can do is to walk into a course on making families work. That taking such a course will become as much a part of our society's tradition as the baby shower or the Lamaze class. That the time will come when none of us would dream of having children and not also taking a parenting education class. That we will also know what to give parents at the first baby shower. That along with prenatal classes a couple will also sign up for a booster course on keeping love alive. And that employers and insurers will come to recognize that such courses will easily pay for themselves.

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