Phone or email Coaching
For course graduates, we provide coaching on specific issues or behaviors, or help you create a plan to implement the changes you desire. 

On-Location Coaching
Would you like help with specific issues you're dealing with in your home or classroom? Perhaps you've taken the course and haven't quite mastered one of the tools or aren't sure how to apply it... Or perhaps you haven't taken the course but would like to have someone come in and give your family or classroom some one-on-one attention because you just don't know where to begin.
We're Here For You! We will help you address specific challenges, and develop an Action Plan using RCB techniques.  You get all the benefits of the 5-Week RCB Program customized to your needs.

On-Location Coaching caters to your children, your style, and your team.  Whether your team is your family unit or classroom, on-location coaching provides RCB-based solutions to your specific challenges.

We model the techniques and tools with you and your children and help you learn them yourself until they're second nature. Often deviating from how we were raised doesn't come naturally. "That's what my parents used to do" is a common phrase. The work you will do won't be easy but the results we find are very rewarding and simply put - a relief! 

You will be given an Action Plan for your whole family to work from at the conclusion of our sessions. We will stick with you for as long as you need us. One session or 6 months - we're here for you!   

We offer packages of 6 sessions (up to 2 hours/session) and the Action Plan for $450 OR 3 sessions (up to 2 hours/session) for $225. We can also work with you hourly for $65/hr on the phone. RCB graduates are offered the first hour FREE or a $50 discount on the Session Packages. These sessions are catered to your needs and can take place at the same time each session or at different times of day. We come to you and work on a specific challenge or opportunity that we have agreed upon beforehand.

For more information call 610-972-0019 or email
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