Session 1

o                                Prevent sibling and peer rivalry

o                                Replace fighting with negotiation and co-operation

o                                Teach children to resolve their own conflicts

o                                Understand how behavior relates to birth order

Session 2

o                                Teach children respect and responsibility

o                                Creating a self-motivated child

o                                Explore how parenting methods affect children

o                                Building a child's self-confidence

Session 3

o                                Understanding why a child misbehaves

o                                Techniques that work for each goal of misbehavior

o                                Offer choices so that your child can make healthy decisions

Session 4

o                                Teach self-control

o                                Find ways to hold children accountable for their actions

o                                Application of natural and logical consequences to behavior

Session 5

o                                How to win the other parent's cooperation

o                                Planning for family meetings

o                                Opening communications between all family members


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