We offer a dynamic course with the goal of teacher and student empowerment. Addressing behavior management issues, the course teaches techniques to create a peaceful classroom environment. Attempting to simply control students’ behavior is not effective.  Teaching students to become effective decision makers, accept responsibility, and cooperate with others is how they learn and grow into a successful adult.

Are you frustrated by students who...

  • Continually break the rules
  • Act apathetic and unmotivated
  • Lack expression of mutual respect in the classroom.
  • Do not participate in class activities
  • Believe no one likes them
  • Blames others and involves you in their peer conflicts

...then this course is for you! Learn how to...

  • Increase teaching time & student on-task behavior
  • Create teamwork and cooperation
  • Develop new, more effective tools for changing students’ misbehavior
  • Enhance self-esteem & communication skills for both teachers and students
  • Have a powerful & positive impact on the lives of your students
Course Information

The course is usually held for two hours a day over six weeks.  Participants practice hands-on techniques through role-playing and group interaction.  A workbook also supports the activities and information included in each session.  Every week includes homework assignments to provide practice on the new techniques being learned.

Please contact Joe O'Quinn, Jr., M. Ed. to schedule this course or a customized in-service at your educational establishment.


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