Heather Lampron is a Certified Parent Educator and has been teaching parenting classes since 2000.   

Heather Lampron and Joe O'Quinn lead as a team to provide both parents' perspectives during parenting classes. Their mission is to provide support to parents and couples so that the home is a haven for all members of the family. 

     Joe O'Quinn, Jr. is a certificated teacher in the Poway Unified School District, and is a certified Parent Educator through the International Network for Children and Families. 

     Joe and Heather are co-founders of the exciting new parent conference in San Diego, It Takes A Village.  This conference is held annually at the University of San Diego's Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (Save the date, November 6, 2010!).  As a team, they teach the Redirecting Children's Behavior Class, Redirecting For a Cooperative Classroom, Positive Discipline, Common Ground, and a variety of workshops on family dynamics, communication, and discipline.

     They also facilitate "the Five Love Languages", based on the work of Gary Chapman.  Joe and Heather are family coaches, and can assist with a variety of parenting techniques to support your family. Joe and Heather are Nanny 411 parenting coaches through Indigo Village to help families implement new behaviors and use the RCB tools.

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