Look for and attend one of the workshops taking place throughout the community. Brush up on your RCB skills or come get an idea what RCB is all about!

Popular Workshops Currently Offered in the Community on a rotating basis:

Effectively Handling Power Struggles
“NO I won’t and you can’t make me!” – sound familiar? Bedtime, mealtime, mornings – these can be some of the most challenging times and parents just want their children to listen. In this workshop you will learn how to recognize and disengage from a power struggle and what to do to lessen them in the future. An eye opening, informative workshop on building cooperation without the yelling and nagging.

Survivors Guide to the Toddler Years
Ah, the age of independence! Parents will be given lots of useful development information to help them navigate this often challenging time. You will learn why your children behave the way they do and how you may be unknowingly reinforcing this behavior; as well as, how to minimize the hassles, tantrums and tears and respond effectively vs. reacting emotionally.     A great workshop for all parents of children 18 months to 4 years old!    

Handling Sibling Rivalry
Is you children’s fighting disrupting your family? Do you think it’s just inevitable? There CAN be peace. In this workshop you will learn hands on, practical skills to replace fighting with cooperation and negotiation. Come learn how to end the fighting and create an encouraging family! (This is an excellent workshop for parents who just had baby number two – learn how to avoid the conflict before it starts.)

Enhancing Children’s Self-Esteem
Do you want to raise your children to have high self-esteem? Self-esteem is the most talked about concept in parenting and education today. But what is "self-esteem'? You may be surprised to hear it's not what you think. Come to this informative workshop and learn how to discipline while instilling high self-esteem .

Parenting as a Team
"She's too lenient"... "He's too harsh".... Not on the same page with your parenting? Is it causing stress and tension in your home? Come to this workshop and discover the underlying causes of couple’s disagreements on parenting and what you can do to promote positive and peaceful communication. (psst...Your kids will thank you!)

Take the Hassles out of Homework
Are you dreading the coming school year? Do you want your children to succeed and do well in school right from the start but find 'homework time' to be more stress than success? Don't miss this workshop! Learn how to lessen the power struggle, teach responsibility and goal setting and learn ways to encourage and self-motivate your children.

Super Dad! Dad's Guide to Great Parenting
Do you dread going home sometimes? Tired of all the noise and chaos and being the 'bad guy'? Only offered once a year, this 'Dad's only' workshop explores such topics as: how to get your kids to listen to you the first time, supporting your spouse and parenting as a team, balancing work and family, how to have more fun and less yelling and lots of great parenting tips guaranteed to have you well on your way to being honored 'Dad of the Year!'. A fun and informative night for Dads of toddlers to teens.

What to Do When Your Kids Drive You Crazy
Not enjoying your kids? Wishing they would ‘just go play’, stop fighting, or live at grandma’s house for a week? Feeling guilty, short-tempered and tired? Then you’ve got PSS (Parent Stress Syndrome). Come to this workshop and learn how to identify PSS and fast, effective ways to turn those bad days around! As a bonus, your instructor will also share some powerful and fun tips on how to reconnect with your spouse amid the chaos and find your spark again.

Balancing Work and Family
Coming home to stress and chaos? Finding it hard to transition between work and family and wishing you could find the balance? Learn how to nurture yourself and your family so that your family supports your work and your home is peaceful and happy!

Example of Other Possible Workshops:

Balancing Love and Discipline- Introduces the concept of firm and kind, unconditional love, and the value of more action and less talk.

Consequences that Work- Introduces the concepts of natural and logical consequences and how parents/teachers can effectively use them.

Creating Cooperative Families-Teach how to create a cooperative family/classroom atmosphere and what to do when there’s a lack of cooperation.

Effective Parent/Child (Teacher/Child) Communication-Introduce the concepts of listening, GEMS, handling feelings and conflict resolution.

Getting in Step with Step-Parenting- Learn how to work cooperatively with your ex and peacefully blend families

Handling Aggressive Children in the Classroom, Birth through Six- Explore developmental and learned aspects of aggression and 15 actions you can teach to correct this behavior.

“If you don’t Stop Crying…!” How to handle Children’s Feelings-Show the effects of feeling stoppers and feeling encouragers and how to work with children’s feelings in each developmental stage.

Tame those Tantrums- Teach the concept of how less power means more. Teach how to diagnose tantrums and prevent them.

Teaching Children Self Control-Within developmental guidelines, show how it is the parents’/teachers’ job to assist the child in learning how to control and appropriately express their feelings and desires.

Tell Them What To Do, Not What To Don’t- Teach how a small shift in speech can create more cooperation, more responsible children.

Creating Teamwork- Teach underlying concepts of teamwork and how to make it happen at home and work.

Resolving Conflicts- Demonstrate the power of conflict resolution and negotiating to a win-win.


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